Vallejo, CA

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teacher, consultant

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Use Skype for International Business. I have a company based in Silicon Valley called Digital Technology Systems. www.digitaltechnologysystems.com

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Use of digital eTextbook delivered on our LMS with Droid Tablets.

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    hi  Jim Knight,

    I am moderating this forum:


    The last publication I am just reading is this one:


    just translate via google or press its English version.


  • salom Jim Knight,

    glad to see here a fellow from the International Business.I am an emeritus MBA Lecturer on International Business issues. Hope, that You,as an owner of a company, based in Silicon Valley called Digital Technology Systems,must have heard about ambitious RUSSIAN SKOLKOVO PLANS ?! 

  • Hello Jim, very cool! I worked on a summer project in Korea where kids learn ESL by connecting with a public school teacher based in the U.S. through Skype. Great to be connected here. I wish you all the best! Please share with me any info you have. Looking forward to it. :)
  • Hi Jim, this is going to be exciting. we are looking into exactly that but currently the priority is for teachers.. could you be kind to email me at amyhashim@gmail.com or amyhashim@yahoo.com for more details..? we are seriously looking into english literacy for teachers.

  • Hi Jim
    What ever you need you can count on me, just let me know early the hour to share with you a conversation. Take care!!
  • Hi Jim,
    Great to be connected with you here! Thanks for ordering my book. Please let me know what you think after you've read it--I'm always happy to hear ideas from readers!
  • The IEARN online courses are beginning shortly. Go to the IEARN website for more information.
  • I wish you all the best in your new venture.
  • I love the idea of connecting classrooms via Skype! Let me know if you have a project in mind, and I'll scout around for one of our classroom teachers to participate.
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