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My book, The New Global Student: Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition, and Get a Truly International Education (Random House) will be published in May 2009. It's based on my family's experience--in 2005, my husband and I sold everything and left our US suburban lifestyle behind. The tricky part? We had four teenage daughters at the time! The book describes the lessons we learned and loopholes we discovered while shepherding our girls through high school, into college, and beyond. But it's not just a personal story~ the book is packed with insider insights, expert tips, and astonishing success stories from students. I invite you to learn more at www.NewGlobalStudent.com

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  • Hi Maya!

    I saw that you were a parent in Argentina- we are looking for a classroom (K-12) in South America. If you know of any great teachers, please pass this on!

    I run an international project called Rock Our World. We work together with our team to create movies, music and meet each other in live video chats. We celebrate the entire project with a live worldwide webcast, bringing all of the schools together!

    Rock Our World is looking for schools in South America to join our new season on the topic of Peace! We will be working with award-winning author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds as he teaches us the art of animation! Applications are Sept. 10th. www.tinyurl.com/row13application
    We'd love to work with your school!

    Carol Anne McGuire
    President and Lead Rocker
  • Thanks for the warm welcome, I have not been posting lately! I wish to change that! Hope to get to know you better and collaborate more often!
  • Thanks Maya...We'll let you know what we think when we have read through your book together. All the best....

  • Hi Maya...thanks for the friendship add. Just ordered your book: The New Global Student. Used Amazon so I'll have it in a few days. Look forward to giving it to my 15 year old son who will be working as in Intern this summer in Silicon Valley through my network of business contacts there. Really admire what you and your husband were able to accomplish with your kids.


  • hi maya! good to see you here! i am LOVING your book. almost done!
  • A few things-

    a) thanks for the kind words!
    b) I am really interested in your book- it comes out in May? I literally had a 2 hour conversation with my best friend yesterday about our cultural ADHD and students and how we skim articles and quit too early at difficult tasks and don't allow ourselves to gain a deeper appreciation for things, i.e., "acquired tastes" are being replaced by instant gratification, etc.
    Total coincidence that I came across you and your book, but I'd really enjoy a dialogue with you (mostly you explaining your thoughts, me listening and nodding vigorously).

    c) I am always looking for collaborations to do in conjunction with our language teacher. He is Latino and a native Spanish speaker. I realize that schedules are always tight and it is hard to coordinate, but I figured most of the Spanish-speaking countries are at least in the same time zones! Anyway, I don't know if you work at a school or have a connection at one of your kids' schools, but I'd love love love to connect one of our classes to a Spanish speaking class. Even for a small project.
    I have plenty of ideas, believe me.

    Let me know if any of the words I just spilled all over your page raise your eyebrows at all.
  • Hi Maya,
    Thanks for the welcome. I am new at trying technology in the classroom. I created my first classroom blog in April and really enjoyed the process. We tried some voicethread projects and my class loved them. I am excited about all the web tools available and hope to be part of some telecollaborative projects next year.
    Mary Ellen
  • Co-Chair
    Welcome, Maya ! I can't wait to hear more about your book and travels. Jump in and share your expertise. You should really connect with my friend Jen Flynn of EF Education, too. She's a member here as well.

  • I'm always happy to connect with educators who have ideas to share about helping students get a relevant global education! Although my book doesn't focus on the wonderful collaborative work being done online (except in the resources section), I'm a fan and very excited about what I see here. My premise is that getting students to actually spend time abroad--and not just during spring break!--is absolutely essential to ensuring that this generation develops a greater understanding of the world and their own possibilities as global citizens.
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