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Kim Caise has served as a campus instructional technologist and guest speaker at several national and local conferences. In 2006 she achieved the pinnacle of educator certification and became a National Board Certified Teacher with a specialty in Technology Education. Throughout her educational career, Kim has worked with students of all ages, ethnicities and abilities and has a proven track record of student test scores demonstrating consistent outstanding achievement. She has devoted the past 18 years to enriching the lives of the students and staff members she encounters and hopes to continue to foster a passion for life long learning and the adventures of education. Kim recently completed a Master of Education in Learning and Technology from WGU. Throughout the majority of Kim’s career she was using and introducing technology to her students at every grade level that she taught. This ingenuity and initiative enabled her to be a successful instructional technologist for the past three years and integrate technology in an official capacity with other teachers and students. Sharing Kim’s passion of technology integration with students, parents, and colleagues enables her opportunities to interact with professionals of all levels, backgrounds and ranks. Kim believes that If everyone works together to foster an enthusiasm for tech integration then these types of educational adventures will become the status quo.

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"Classroom 2.0 LIVE meets the Australia Series" presentation for #globaledcon10