Boston, MA

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teacher, consultant, other

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English, Spanish (advanced), French (beginner), Wild Hand Gestures



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After 6 years of teaching high school English in Boston Public Schools, I took a year-long leave of absence to travel the world and to write, teach, and form world-wide educational connections! Please take a look at the hundreds of articles and photos on my updated-daily blog at: http://www.AroundTheWorldL.com/ and feel free to contact me if you want to use any articles with your students, or if you have an idea for a partnership! I'm now back in Boston Public Schools, but maintain my blog, in addition to my new project, www.TeachingTraveling.com , which seeks to inspire more teachers to travel and more travelers to teach.

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I'm seeking more teacher-travelers to profile for www.TeachingTraveling.com to inspire more teachers to travel and more travelers to teach!