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  • Hi Mary,


    No more chocolate!!! Tell the children, i never stop thinking about them. Their photos are hanged everywhere. We photocopied them. Stay well.



  • I cannot deny the surprise, it is so real!! You really surprised me, i wasn't expecting anything of this kind. Chocolate! Oh my God, it is very expensive here and we rarely buy it. Everybody was so excited and we already have enjoyed one box. The second one stands on a shelf somewhere, it looks so beautiful to be opened, its like a souvenir. Thank you so much Mary and please convey my greetings to the children and tell them we are so grateful, you guys have such big hearts. Thank you for loving us the way we are and may God bless you so much.
  • Hi Mary, hope you are doing well. Yesterday an antelope came running into our school compound and almost killed one of our teachers. A brave student caught it by the leg and it kicked him to the ground. It was caught about 10kms away from our school and was slaughtered for meat by the village people. I don't like game meat. Do you have antelopes in your country? Here they are found in game parks and big forests but we don't know how it got here. Say hi to the kids.

  • And when i come to Kansas, i will slaughter the chicken for our dinner, i do it here most of the time. Do the children know how to slaughter chicken? Children here walk very long distances to fetch water, they carry it on their heads in jerrycans of 20 liters, which is too much for a child. I will send you photos of these children with water on their heads. I have a plan to start fund-raising for a 500 liter plastic tank for each family to trap rain water to ease the children from the water burden, i am sure it will work. We need your prayers.

  • I didn't notice you had updated your photo, its beautiful. Send my regards to the children and tell them i will one day come and prepare African dishes for them, matoke mixed with assorted fresh vegetables with butter is called Katogo and children enjoy it very much. Nice time.
  • Hi Mary, long time. We started our holidays today and will open again on the 14th. Enjoy yourself.
  • Long time Mary, is everything alright? On Saturday i traveled about 220 kilometers upcountry to attend a my friend's father's funeral and it was really tiresome. Be blessed.
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