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Shepherd's Little Lambs Nursery and Day Care Center

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teacher, tech director, for profit employee, other

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English, Swahili



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I am the Director of Shepherds Little Lambs Nursery and Day Care Center. Our enrollment is 76 children. It is not that easy to run a school alone and i invite partners to join me for this noble cause of educating future leaders. I still volunteer in village schools but now more involved in my personal businesses including baking. I wish to meet different people in the education sector on this site to learn and more about this field and let others konw about education this side.

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  • Dear Friend, 

    I just created a petition entitled To replace Violent Time with Peace Time: Peace Time will make PEACE AN INTEGRAL COMPONENT OF DEVELOPMENT, because I care deeply about this very important issue. 

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    Prof.Fani Bhusan
  • Maria, we are so glad you enjoyed the chocolate. We are beginning our new school term next week, and I will share your message with my students. Take care and God bless! Mary
  • Hi Maria,

    Thank you so much for your response.

    Our students are studying countries in Africa. We would greatly appreciate having the opportunity to have a discussion using Skype on the topic of education with you and your students.

    A few logistical questions:

    What are their ages? Our students are 11-12 years old

    Time (7 hr difference) - you are 7 hrs. ahead of us. How late in the day can you or your students skye?

    Here is a sample of their questions. We would be happy to answer your students’ questions as well.

    Is education compulsory in Uganda?
    Is education free?
    How many years does the average person attend school?
    What is the ratio of girls to boys that attend school in Uganda?
    What percentage of children graduate from secondary school?

    Thank you. I look forward to your response.
    skype name: eleanorschuster
  • Oh, thank you. It would be great to talk to your children. ( Now, because of Easter, we have a week holiday at school,) but I would be very glad to start meeting you and your children. It would be very interesting for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( we have never done it before, but I think it can be a big adventure for my small kids!!!). We start language education at the age of 6 or 10. That means, that my students can talk just a few words or sentences about a topic.
    Before our "meeting" we could agree on a topic ( like families, our villages...etc), and next we could meet. ( like describing our project works..or something like that)
    Which age would you reccomend to meet?
    Oh, it would be really fantastic!
  • Great, opening next week on Monday. Am also opening up a Nursery and Daycare in Mpigi Town, opening 2nd Feb also, trying to give little orphans chance to early education. Its a challenge but will make it.
  • Sure. thanks for the add, How is the school doing.
  • Mariia, yes, we have antelope out west, but not in the area where we live. I am mailing the pictures to you today. Enclosed in a small package for you and letters and a card. I hope you get it! Please let me know when it arrives. Take care!
  • Advisory Board
    So sorry I didn't see this before! Yes, I have been to Tanzania twice, working with schools and students and Roots & Shoots groups and leaders. Beautiful country, as I am sure Uganda is!
  • Maria, you have our prayers,
  • Maria, it would be wonderful if you come to Kansas some day. Thank you for sharing life in Uganda with my students. They always look forward to hearing from you. Let me know when the cameras arrive. Mary
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