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teacher, administrator, consultant

Languages spoken:

English, Afrikaans



Short bio or reason for joining Actionable Innovations Global:

Networking to benefit students and educators, specifically in Africa and countries associated with relevant programmes

Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

1. Institute for the Development of Emerging Achievers and Leaders [The IDEALS Programme] - http://www.nydt.org/home.asp?pid=552 2. International Science Based Competition - http://www.nydt.org/home.asp?pid=977 3. Space School Africa - http://www.nydt.org/home.asp?pid=717 4. Africa Engineering Games - http://www.nydt.org/home.asp?pid=1130

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  • Saw you are in the conference

    What have you been up to?


  • To iEARN IFS  colleagues  , I would like to promote  a dialogue on the developmentof nano science in the context  of 2011 - International Year for Chemistry - see: Proposal todevelop nano-science social learning innovation:see: http://www.wbabin.net/Science-Journals/Essays-Chemistry/Download/37... Manzelli Firenze (IT) pmanzelli.lre@gmail.com

  • "I am Africa. This is my story..." YouTube digital storytelling campaign and Ning community sponsored by UNESCO PPN.

    We have launched a digital story telling site and resources for African schools, NGOs and media organizations.. You can join, download curriculum or have youth view the site.This is great media, social platform to teach African youth that they have right to express themselves and that good ethics and hard work really do deliver successful people.
    goto: http://i-am-the-story.ning.com

    There is a downloadable curriculum and a train the traininer certification program for you organization on how to put on these workshops. You can see this in practice in the Cameroon group on the site.

    UNESCO PPN funded this because they agreed that the false images of African youth by international press need to be reversed. Now is our chance to demonstrate that and give our young staff members a change to express themselves. It should be empowering and loads of fun. Some of these stories were made with cell phones.

    For your staff and educators there is a full curriculum "How to tell a digital story" guides available for downloads and sample of African Youth Digital Storytelling YouTubes

    We hope this helps you work. If you know of small African groups with no funds they can use our community as their website and to tell their story at no cost.

    Please join us in helping African youth tell their wonderful stories of persistence, intelligence and grace.

    Richard C. Close
    Servant – CEO
    Chrysalis Campaign, Inc

  • My Dear At,

    Collaborating with you and students from South Africa has always been a fantastic pleasure. Next November, I am starting a project with my 10th graders and it will be focused on The historical, industrial, cultural heritage of Toulouse (France) and their impact on the modern world. Of course there is no border in education and this project may be an opportunity for the international community to join in through your organisation.Any feedback?

    Enjoy, enjoy!


  • What a warm welcome ... Thank you very much
  • Dear Adrian,

    I am happy and very much honored to wellcom you as a friend.
    I am sure there are a number of collaborative initiatives we are going to jointly establish, especially in your very best area of specialization and interests here in Kenya and across the East, Central & Southern Africa.

    Kindly let me once again say wellcom to Kenya.

    Best regards,
    Ezekiel Sakwa Obulemile,
    Phone: +254 725 293 150.
  • Thank you Adrian for adding me as a friend.
    Looking for cooperating with you.
  • Global Visits is looking for university instructors who would be interested in working with university instructors in the United States on classroom projects, using the Internet as the tool to link the two classrooms and instructors. Projects could be how ever each instructor would like to have them develop and integrated into the regular course or syllabus. The idea is to open the global door for students who might not otherwise have a chance to engage in a traditional study abroad, but have a profound need to engage in a global project. Since 2003, we have linked students from the US with students from Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa via the Internet and our work was recognized by the Institute of International Education at their 4th Annual Best Practices Conference in 2009. Come to our web site , take a look, sign up (you will not be spammed!!) and please introduce yourself to me. I would like to meet you. I am meeting an increasing number of US instructors who want to connect their classroom, and I hope you are interested! Betty Tonsing, Founder/President, Global Visits www.globalvisits.com
  • Hi Adrian!
    Rock Our World is looking for schools in Africa and/or Europe to join our new season on the topic of Peace! We will be working with award-winning author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds as he teaches us the art of animation! Applications are Sept. 10th. www.tinyurl.com/row13application
    We'd love to work with your school!
    Carol Anne McGuire
    President and Lead Rocker
  • hi adrisn nice to meet you hope we will be able to acomplish alot through our freindship.God bless you
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