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Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. 13 Geiger Rd. New Milford, CT 06776 Email: rclose@richardclose.info Site: http://globallearningframework.ning.com Twitter: @richardcclose Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardcclose Founder, Richard C. Close, has 25 years of experience in learning technology, management consulting and development programs for companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and has helped to launch a number of eLearning companies. He has published white papers and several books. He is an International conference speaker, industry strategist and developer of the Global Learning Framework at: http://globallearningframework.ning.com. Richard designed and built in the U.S. its first profitable commercial Technology Center in New York City called the Netlan Technology Center. He is currently developing a Community Learning Center in U.S. rescue missions and assisting Africa and China. In his missions to Africa, he has developed two photographic writings books for Kenya and Zambia. He continues his work to show the mercy and the beauty of the poor by building web-based social communities, photo galleries, lecture and press for partnering missions. Donation books are available at Amazon.com Global Learning Framework,™ Chrysalis Community Learning Centers™ and principles are the trademark and copyright of The Chrysalis Campaign. Inc. “I am Africa. This is my story…” YouTube Social network contest sponsored by UNESCO Power of Peace Network. The digital storytelling contest "I am Africa. This is my story..." is a global education project based on the principles of Project Based Learning, Adult Learning, Flat Classroom and the Global Learning Framework. http://i-am-the-story.ning.com Background and global education community http://globallearningframework.ning.com

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UNESCO PPN "I am Africa. This is my story...: YouTube contest http://i-am-the-story.ning.com

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  • Richard, I tried to watch your recorded session today, and the visuals were not visible, even though your voice was clearly heard.  I thought you should know.  Maybe Steve H. can help you fix this.  I would love to watch.

        Marcy Prager

  • Today war zone has taken over by Peace zone.The education spreading knowledge and information is overloaded creating confusion rather than clarity.Most of us allow ourselves to get drowned in an overdose of negativity and then find it hard to extricate ourselves from the cycle of greed.Education has to change in 21st century to reverse this process.Money,fame,property and sex although necessary to an extent in life, but they should not be allowed to dominate our lives to breed discontent.Restructurng of Global Education system has to play a critical role to meet this challenge.
  • Richard,

           I have been to Ghana and loved it!

                 Marcy Prager

  • I have just returned from hospital.I am working in the field of PEACE for last more than two decades. But slow realisation is coming to me that hardly anyone is prepared to adopt PEACE POWER. Almost every one is for VIOLENT POWER not knowing that only PEACE POWER can conquer every thing in life and the world.For this my two books 1)Peace Technology2) Peace TimeCalendar are unwanted. That is why I want to sell the copyright of my two books.The life and world is miserable today because most of us depend on VIOLENT POWER.All these social networkings are virtual as PEACE POWER has not given its due position.
    I think in this life I will not be able to influence the humanity to adopt PEACE POWER as a tool of growth and development.I propose to retire
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