Mishawaka Indiana

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English and French



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Founder, Global Visits Inc (see web page), international aid and development , worked overseas in Africa, Central Asia, the Middle EAst and Europe), Fulbright Scholar, academic, entrepreneur and busness owner.

Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

Founder of Global Visits Inc , a non profit linking students from the US linked with students in Central Asia, Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa. Also, 15 years international development and education as a Fulbright Scholar and work with the United Nations, USAID, Catholic Relief Services and National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.

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  • Hello Betty,

    Thanks so much for writing back. Of course I will be able to register and i am glad to share this with others. I'll try to do it right now and see what's next.
  • Hi Betty,

    Thank you very much for the message you left. Of course I will glad to share this experience along with my students at university. I intriduce myself so that you know who you are dealing with. My name is Naouel. I am a PhD holder in Educational Psychology and TEFL. I work at Ferhat Abbas University Sétif In Algeria. I will be glad to share our experience in the field of teaching and practice and I am open to any procedure you undertake.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  • Hi, Betty, I presented at the Partnership for Global Learning conference, sponsored by the Asia Society, last week in DC. My co-presenter was a staff member of IREX who was from Kyrgyzstan. ePals works with K12 students and offers many free items, including educational movies, online and free. The movies are from a commercial company, eFilms, and also made by students and classrooms around the world (ePals Video Vault). We are always looking for teachers of youth age 19 or younger to join our free Global Community. Each month, we have 27 million unique visitors, including teachers, students and parents. Currently we translate to 58 languages.
  • Betty,

    What a great organization! Please feel free to join our site as well. I look forward to learning more about what you are doing.

  • Hi Betty,

    We thought you might be interested in our website. We'd appreciate your support as we work with students and schools around the world to build the green generation: http://ethicalexpeditions.ning.com/

  • Hi Betty! How flattering to have a recommendation from Lucy!
    I wasn't quite sure what kind of tips, advice, strategies or connection you are looking for, nor do I know much about the saturation level of English or computer skills where you are going.

    I will make a couple of recommendations of what you might bring with you or consider for another trip.

    For our trip to the townships of Cape Town, SA, we brought 25 usb flash drives (1 GB of space). We downloaded and installed portable apps onto the flash drives - look to portableapps.com for the download. This essentially puts all the productivity tools onto the drive at once. The advantage is that the user can essentially use his/her drive instead of the hard drive of the computer they are using and avoid being contaminated by viruses. All of their data can be stored on the drive and there is no reliance upon only one computer.

    You might want to consider downloading educational movies onto the flash drives for educators in other countries who do not have access to them.

    For communities without Internet access, we are exploring the eGranary - a digital library in a box - http://www.widernet.org/digitallibrary/

    We spoke with some profs who had worked with eGranary in Africa - it has great possibilities - data can be added and it can even have a blogging or wiki platform installed on it.

    In terms of making connections for teacher/classroom exchanges, at the very least the flash drives can help. While you are there and using the Internet cafe, check out the ning sites to see how heavy or light they are on the bandwidth.
    One of the items on my to-do list is to create a resource package or toolkit for educators with TWB to get started with Global Projects. Let me know what advice you could give for what might included in that!
    Please let me know what other information I can help out with....
  • Thank you so much for the kind words! Well on the elementary level I feel that I am doing my part to prepare students for their middle and high learning. I think students will perform better if they are prepared for what is going to face them later on in education and in life. If you ever find anything on bees please send it my way. My students love to hear from other people and places.
  • Co-Chair
    Hi Betty -

    One of the GEC members here is coming from Singapore to the US on a Fulbright. Maybe you could leave a note on his page introducing yourself as I'm sure he's looking to make Fulbright connections.

    I joined your ning tonight! Looks like a great site.
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