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  • Hi Sharon hope you are well

    I thought I would share with you a global student project taking place right now as I thought you would be interested.

    The #world11kids project is part of the UN's ITUWorld Conference taking place in Geneva, Switzerland in a few weeks time.

    We are inviting 10,000 kids from around the world to design solutions to the toughest of world problems and put challenges to the world leaders who will gather at the conference.

    We are looking for schools to get involved and thought you might be able to help.

    You can find out more here http://world2011.us/

    best wishes

    Tom Barrett


  • I was hoping to interview you for a graduate level class. The questions would focus on how you can incorporate global into curriculum and why it is important to do so. If this seems like something you would be able to do, please email at abr9042@uncw.edu Thanks in Advance!
  • Hello....and thanks so much for your comments. I will be taking a couple flash drives and downloading material is a fabuous idea!! I will look into the elibrary you suggested.

    I also have been giving more thought as to what I can accomplish while there, including what I should focus on in my keynote address. I am not an American Studies specialist! It is quite an honor to be asked to return -- the invitation came from the US Embassy and STate Dept -- but it is largely because I developed the first symposium and it has continued for six years. Now it needs a lift. I am going a Senior Fulbright Specialst and wil be expected to lecture. But for the most part these the people in the workshops will have some academic background in this area of teaching and attending AS conferences. I want to provide something of more value than just another lecture. The entire field of education is being changed dramatically by this exciting webworld.....but only if we access it. One of the barriers is just that....access. Another is how to use the technology. And that is what I would like to focus on in my workshops. How do we take our love for American Studies and expand our horizons by reaching out via the technology to educators in the US, linking our projects, classrooms and students together. And how does this technology enliven what I am doing for my own students as well as my own learning. I will be alerting people to Teachers without Borders, Flat Classrooms, Global Education Initiative as well as Global Visits. Each offers something special and unique the educators I will be meeting with can use.

    I would like to also share part of this message to the wider community here. I am to ideas I can take with me to Bishkek.
  • Meant to also comment on the connected classroom. It is wonderful! Possible to add it to my page on facebook, or is that restrcited? I did add it to Global Visits
  • Hello Sharon: we have never met. Lucy gave me your name during our flash meeting yesterday. I know you are working with Teachers Without Borders. I will be in Kyrgyzstan during April as a Senior Fulbright Specialist helping to shore up the American Studies Symposium in Central Asia I started six years ago. I will be working with primarily university instructors in the classroom in various capacities...one of which I would lke to include globalization of education. I will not hae much technology with me! I will have my lap top, but usng the Internet Cafe for my emails, etc. I have a verizon flip phone but doubt I take it....it is not set up for international calls. My primary focus for this trip is again to shore up the symposium (I will also be the key note speaker) and lecture on american Studies....but really must add the global component. LEt me stop here....I would welcome your assistance for ideas. Lucy highly recommended you becuase of your tech skills. I have a nonprofit called Global Visits which has hosted a number of Internet exchanges between US university students and students from Afganistan, Central Asia, the MIddle East and Africa.....all under a clunky web site. We are nw a social network. At the very least I would encourage projects. But want to overall encourage use of the available resources for the classroom. This would work ever for a country with limited resources.

    By the way, I spent 11 years in southern Africa and consider it my second home.
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