Encinitas, CA

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tech coordinator, tech director, non-profit employee, consultant

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Global SchoolNet combines education and technology to strengthen communities and benefit humanity. We support brain-friendly learning and improve academic performance through content-driven collaboration. We engage youth and educators, worldwide, in learning projects that develop science, math, literacy and communication skills, foster teamwork, civic responsibility and collaboration, encourage workforce preparedness, and create multi-cultural understanding. We strive to prepare youth for full participation as productive and compassionate citizens in an increasingly global economy. Founded in 1984 by teachers, GSN has 140,000 members from 194 countries. GSN is a 501(c)3 non-profit education organization.

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International CyberFair http://www.globalschoolnet.org/gsncf/ Global Forest Link http://GlobalForestLink.com OUR PRIDE Education http://ourpride.org Projects Registry http://www.globalschoolnet.org/gsnpr/