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  • Hi,

    I noticed that you have written books for ISTE. My friend Mark Gura has written a few for them too. For the past dozen years, I've been trying to encourage teachers to integrate technology into the classroom. My own special interest is in writing. I created The Story Starter (www.thestorystarter.com) to help encourage kids to write. I also conduct workshops on creativity using the site.

  • Co-Chair
    Hi Jim -

    I've been meaning to respond to your email... yes, I am leaving Lab. I'm starting this month at a group on the U of C campus that runs charter schools. I'm very excited, and think I'll be working with some fabulous people. I will miss Lab, though, but will stay connnected as my kids will still go to school there.

    I will be in NYC with my hubby for a weekend of baseball the first weekend in August... maybe we can say hi then!

  • Co-Chair
    Hi Jim -

    I'm tagging you....

    See today's discussion:

    "I'll jump in and post a question if the person "tagged" doesn't respond, so here I go with our next question. Feel free to answer any of the questions at any time!

    Does your school or institution have a service learning program? Briefly, what does it consist of? Do you partner with any specific organizations or programs? Is service learning a requirement for your students?

    I'm tagging Jim Lerman for the next question of the day... Jim, jump in at any time with a question!"
  • Hi Jim
    Thanks for the invitiation and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We've just had our school concert in the Sydney Opera House (quite a venue). I have the rather grand title of Head of Department K-5, that really means deputy to the head. My wife and I were in New York last summer arrived in time for July 4th. Loved the Big Apple. I teach Year 4, 26 very enthusiastic girls.
  • Happy to join this group.
  • Hi Lucy,
    Things are going great. Nice to hear from you. I'm keeping track of you as much as I can, virtually. You're one busy cookie. Do you ever sleep?
    I think I'll be passing on NECC this year...going to Alan November's conf. with a large team.
    How're things at your school? Still want me to come and rattle the cage?
    Coming to NY any time? What other confs are you headed to?
    Oops. that 's too many questions.
    This ning site is a great idea, hope we get some good stuff out of it.
  • Yes - coming in Saturday afternoon for a Sunday workshop on virtual photography with Eva. Speaking of Eva would should invite her to this forum.
  • Co-Chair
    Hey my fellow Google Certfied Teacher! How's it going ? Going to be at NECC this year?
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