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Rethinking Learning

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I am a Story Weaver. I am a podcast host, author, speaker, keynoter, instructional designer, coach, facilitator, and disruptor of the status quo. For over thirty years, I've been passionate about transforming teaching and learning. 

I started the Rethinking Learning Podcast in 2017 to capture stories that inspire me so I can inspire others to share their stories. I wrote "Define Your Why" to share how owning and telling our stories guides us to live and learn on purpose. 

I am the founder/owner of Computer Strategies, LLC, the co-author of Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning, and past co-founder of Personalize Learning, LLC. In my most recent book, "Define Your Why," I incorporate design thinking, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to guide the design of learner-centered environments to create a culture of learning that develops self-directed, independent learners with agency. I learned about the UN SDGs in 2015 and became a TeachSDGs Ambassador to bring awareness to educators of global projects. 

I joined Actional Innovations Global because I am a lifelong learner. There is so much to learn from others around the world and this is the best place to learn about global projects. I plan to share stories about inspirational people, projects, activities, wonderings, and strategies where learners and teachers are co-designers of the future.

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I work with schools, organizations, and universities around the world helping educators and administrators rethink what school is and can be. I am focusing on making learning personal, developing agency, building cultures of learning, storytelling, and collaborative global projects. I facilitate (nudge) teachers to be co-learners and co-designers with learners so they are empowered to own and drive collaborative real-world projects.

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