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My dream is to develop a virtual learning community that includes schools in various countries because I believe that if children are exposed early to a variety of life perspectives, they will grow in wisdom and respect for other nationalities and hopefully contribute to the health and preservation of all cultures and peace around the world. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate in educational projects. Also..... I love reading anything I can get my hands on, crossword puzzles, and riding my palomino quarter horse, Dylan.

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  • Your students are welcome to use my UNESCO site for story telling



    Thanks for helping someone out in Africa.

  • Hello ,Eleanor,

    I will be glad ,

    I send you frienship with skype and I'm waiting for you))

  • Thank you,Eleanor.I agree with your ideas.Yours ideas, I think if collaborated with my ideas in my site www.worldpeacetech.com and in two books 1)Peace Technology 2) Peace TimeCalendar(published by authorhouse, Bloomington,Indiana, USA and available from amazon.com, authorhouse.com etc) will develop energy to change the world with new global approach to education.Please spare time to peruse my ideas.
  • Dear Eleanor,

    I am glad to know about you and your project.I've been working on "My Name Arond the World project"last year.I think these are similar.And of course I would like to join you.Iet's  work together.

  • Great ideas. Unfortunately, we don't have computers in our school and whenever i like to communicate on internet, i have to borrow my friend's office laptop as we don't have power in our school. It is a village school and in a poor community but we can send emails, photos and write letters. We have a rich culture and very different from yours, a lot to learn from each other, are you still interested?
  • Hi Eleanor,

    Thank you for contacting me. My skype name is maria.mugisha1.
  • Hello: I' m from Puerto Rico and love also doing sports.As a school librarian in an elementary school I would love to have my teachers and students collaborate in any of your projects. Willing to learn.
  • Eleanor-

    No, I haven't found another class to collaborate with. Please let me know if you have anyone interested once you get back from break. Thanks for staying in contact!
  • Eleanor-

    Hi! My name is Julie and I'm a language teacher in Illinois - just north of Chicago. I have 6th graders in French who would love to collaborate with your language classes. I also think I could convince our Spanish teacher to work with us on this as well. What kind of ideas did you have in mind?
  • i think the projects depend on, as you say, our imagination. Anyway, i've never done such things before 'cos just i had no idea of how we could use digital media for students. but now thats what i want to do, though my knowledge in this area is not sufficient :) I work for a private linguistic centre where kids and adults study languages, and English is number one :)
    So, we could think about " Our Winter","Holidays" or "New Year", or first start from general topic like interests and hobbies to show our kids that they are all the same all over the world ,or something else.

    What do you think?

    Hey, its great that your husband is Russian. that's amazing. Now we should keep in touch, for sure :))))
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