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I teach undergraduate pre-service teachers, masters and doctoral curriculum & instruction students

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  • Hi Cheri, long time. How do you do? Is everything alright with you? Today. We closed school today for our Term 2 holidays, opening again on the 14th of September. Enjoy yourself and God bless you so much.
  • Cheri
    Good morning.Thank you for your timely response. I have been working on an online learning initiative for Southern Africa. E learning has not yet penetrated here and I believe that given proper infrustructure is put in place this will be a success.

    I have a partnership with (www.icwfd.com) and im looking for other strategic partnerships with educational institutions willing to expand into the Southern African region.

    I approached the IFC Washington with my Business Plan for $5 Million and they informed me that they would only consider capitalising the expansion phase of SAVS not the initial phase. What I now have in mind is launching small centres where people can enroll and also get proof of concept e.g demonstrations

    So im in need of expert ideas on how best I can launch SAVS because im at wits end.I have all my documentation which i can forward to you so that you can get a better understanding. Your proffessional expertise will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Professor Toledo
    Thanks for adding me as a friend.I have viewed your blog and im interested in exploring how best we can administer educational technology here in South Africa. I look forward to further discussions
  • Hi Cheri, thank you so much for yours. We are getting our holidays next week on the14th and hope to be hearing and sharing a lot from you. Be blessed.
  • Wow! That was a long time ago. Nice to see you again.

    I'm doing a lot of work now with differentiating instruction with technology...mostly working with the new inexpensive netbooks.

    Hope you're doing well.
  • Dear Cheri,
    thanks for your comments. At present, I'm trying to set up an institution of Global Education in Brazil (Educadores Globais). It's hard, but I have an outstanding team of teachers (most of EFL) who believe that together everything is possible, even in Education. I had an experience in college teaching, and it was nice to observe how useful I coud be for those students. I've been coordinating iEARN (www.iearn.org) activities in Brazil since 2004. I teach in a public Language School, in the center west, near the capital city (Brasília) teaching 2 groups of EFL, and coordinating learning projects.
    Nice meeting you here.
  • Thnks Cheri for adding me as a frend ,hope to learn from ur valuable experiences more , looking forward to hear from u very soon. I know Arabic, persian Urdu languages if i can add something to ur information it would b my pleasure. I hv 20 years of teaching experience and 3 years as Master Trainer in pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Thanks again for adding me as friend
  • Thank you Cheri, hope to know and learn more from each other, be blessed and hope to hear from you very soon.
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