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  • Like you ,everyone living in the world is a survivor of some kind of violence. That is why my two books of "Peace Technology" &"Peace TimeCalendar" have been published by authorhouse,Bloomington,Indiana,USA which can be obtained on line from authorhouse.com.Read the books and change the world through blending of "SCIENCE OF MATTER" with "SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY" so that all world citizens will be winners and survivors.Promote Peace Education from mother's womb to highest level of education and incorporate PEACE & GREEN TECHNOLOGY in all kinds of professions and human activities.Looking at today's world,one must do this before she/he leaves this world.
    Prof.Fanibhusan Das
  • A call to the Mother-to-be of the World

    Adam and Eve
    Adam is seed
    Eve is soil
    Seeds put in Eve
    makes Eve pregnant

    The seed and soil
    relationship results
    in creation of a life
    Man and Women relation
    like seed and soil passages
    through different stages
    of childhood, adulthood and old
    Nothing remains static
    science of time is least understood
    And in no time childhood transforms to old age
    Human body craves for satisfaction
    of biological, sexual, and metabolical needs
    Manage the three stages of life
    Especially the adulthood
    Enjoy material objects, sex, places
    And relationship
    In a responsible manner
    to ensure bright future of your progeny
    After all that mother-to- be stage arrives
    to create a new life
    only with the energy of PEACE
    Understand and cultivate your mind
    remembering that an offspring is not
    the product of vulgar sex
    Neither it is product of disco or dating
    Quality of offspring is determined by
    internal impulses of mother's body
    and family, community and society impulses
    to mould his/her life-body-mind relationship
    here the peace energy modulates
    More the peace- consciousness energy
    the child in the mother's womb vibrates
    with peace energy
    resulting in creation of a peaceful
    human being without any violence mind
    oh mothers -to- be of the world
    learn the techniques of infusing peace
    energy to your child in the womb
    to create a peaceful offspring
    who will enrich your life with real
    joy and making you proud
    who will spread the fragrance of peace
    throughout the world
    to make our planet earth "Green and Peace"-A place to live in peace and prosperity
    Will you not do it?
    Do it to spend a meaningful life
    Peace comes when
    Ego is emitted out
    Amity spreads out
    Comforting other’ pain

    Encashing human values and virtues
    Timeless is the nature of peace
    Enlightening the urge to
    Care for and share with all
    Harmony, order and
    Nobleness of heart and soul
    Owning the precious spriton that
    Luminates the innermost
    Only to spread truth, order and happiness
    Giving the solace to humanity
    Year after years to live happily in peace
  • Please also visit my website www.worldpeacetech.com and also peruse the e- communicator PEACE PATH FINDER hosted in the site from time to time.Please let me have your ideas on Peace so that I will be able to develop and elaborate more on Peaceful living.
    Prof.Fani Bhusan Das
    Professor of Peace& Ekistics
  • Do you think there is any alternative to Peace for continuance of humans in the planet earth? The answer is NO.We must try to understand this basic of life and incorporate Peace as a component in all human activities/professions through designing appropriate Global Education Collaborative program. My two books "PEACE TECHNOLOGY"& "PEACE TIMECALENDAR" form the foundation of peaceful human civilisation which are published by authorhouse,Bloomington,Indiana,USA. I hope GEC will take lead to promote this new concept and as a teacher I urge upon you to teach the technology of Peace and Peace TimeCalendar.
    Prof.Fani Bhusan Das
    Professor of Peace& Ekistics
  • Hi Medard. Thank you for the info concerning the global Education Workshop. A nice resource...I'd sign up for a workshop if I lived in the States! Actually, my main problem with materials is that just about everything I find in English, the language is simply too difficult for the EFL primary classroom. Perhaps a niche too be filled? My email is janice.damon@chello.at.
    Thanks again-
  • Hi Medard,

    We thought you might be interested in our website. We'd appreciate your support as we work with students and schools around the world to build the green generation: http://ethicalexpeditions.ning.com/

  • What a great resource! Thank you so much for the info. I plan to attend.
  • Thank you.
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