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I'm interested in designing collaborative educational opportunities for my students to work with students from other countries in order to develop global awareness and better citizenship

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  • Hi Ron,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Ning goes in and out of being blocked here in China, so I don't get to my Ning sites too often anymore. Anyway, I'm at an international school in Beijing, so there are no Chinese students here (the Chinese government doesn't allow Chinese nationals to go to international schools). So, there are only expat kids. Many of these kids have lived overseas most of their lives, however, and can give interesting insights to a variety of issues. If you are still interested, I can hook you up with some of my colleagues. I'm moving to another international school in Shenzhen, China next school year, so I could link you to my new colleagues there at that point, too. In regards to collaborative tools, the only major ones we've never had blocked is Wikispaces and VoiceThread. For the time being, Google Docs is still accessible, as well.


  • Hello Ron,
    You are in rural Vermont. We are in rural Northern Mexico. We have intelligent English and Spanish speaking students who are studying sustainable water, food and energy production. We offer for free a tour of our tide pools as we live directly on the shores of the Sea of Cortes. We are looking for creative feedback from English speaking students grades 6 - 12 who are interested in marine biology and sustainable water, food and energy production. We are a Mexican NGO with over a thousand students in several public and private schools. See our profile here and visit www.oceancamp.net for more.
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