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I am the founding director of Global Village School, an international K-12 homeschool diploma program focused on peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability. Global Village is working to effect change on the personal and global levels by providing a transformative education that empowers students to cultivate their gifts and passions while becoming wise and capable stewards of the planet. The distance learning model makes this type of education available to youth and adults around the globe. I believe that education is a key component of progressive social change, and Global Village provides a natural outlet for my passionate commitment to creating a more just and peaceful world. I have created a Ning community called Power of the Heart. It is focused on the ideas of “grassroots philanthropy” and activism. It’s about compassion, action, and change, and the power of an open heart. The basic idea is that you don't have to be rich to be a philanthropist, and that when your heart is touched by something in the world, you can do something that will make a difference. I am also a musician and writer; my articles have been published on Commondreams.org and in Paths of Learning and Hopedance. I also do dream tending sessions, helping people to understand the messages in their dreams. When I’m not working or playing music, I can often be found outside in my garden under the oaks in the Southern California foothills.

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  • Thanks, Lucy! I added sokme more today.
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    Your school sounds really interesting! Make sure you post a profile when you have time so that other members can learn more about what you do!

    Thanks for joining,

    Lucy Gray
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