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Actor, singer, composer, playwright, middle-school teacher, Esperantist, strange person in multiple dimensions.

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  • Kara Jeremy,

    Ho, tio estas bona novaĵo! Alia samideano kiu instruas nian lingvon, kaj eĉ en Usono!!

    For the past ten or so years, Jeremy, I taught Esperanto to 8th graders who had (mostly) bombed out of their 7th grade language courses. This was my attempt to bring them something useful while filling up that slot in their schedules. I'm taking this year off from that course -- call it "burnout" -- but I'm looking to start a club or a course in 6th grade called World Explorers. Through that, we'll try to make contact with Esperantists and Esperanto learners from around the world. I have no idea how popular this course might be as sign-ups are not over yet, but I can only imagine that it will be a bit easier to do than with 8th graders who didn't choose to be in the course anyway. (Laŭta rido eĥas tra la koridoroj de mia lernejo....)

    Are you comfortable with writing back and forth in Esperanto? If so, let's do, because that's good practice for me. If not, no matter. I'm okay in English. And I would love to learn French, as I spent six weeks this summer in France, four of them at Kastelo Grezijono!

    Ĝis poste, mia (nova) amiko, Jeremy!

    Sincere via,
    (tio estas mia kromnomo en Esperanto; bonvole uzu tion, se plaĉus al vi!)
  • Saluton Steve! Ankaux mi estas instruisto en submezlernejo, kaj ankaux mi instruas la lingvon.

    Which classes do you teach and in which do you teach Esperanto?
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