Short bio or reason for joining Actionable Innovations Global:

I am a youthmedia educator, curator and video producer. I direct Open Youth Networks . Open Youth Networks believes that in order for youth to have a democratic voice in the decisions and policies that affect their lives, they must also be given opportunities to develop original strategies for organizing and civic participation that harness the power of their own digital native cultures. To this end, Open Youth Networks assists young people and their allies in the design and use of participatory media tools that enable them to create innovative peer-to-peer projects of dialogue, education and action. By providing an array of supports —technology access, multiple teachers and mentors, experiential learning contexts and a youth-centered approach to critical inquiry — OYN nurtures youth to empower innovative micro-enterprises that mobilize their peers from awareness to action. By helping youth imagine new ways of engaging in socially-motivated commons-based peer production, Open Youth Networks aims to strengthen youth participation in democratic decision-making through critical media production and analysis. We run YouthLAB (Listening Across Borders) where youth in different countries come together to participate in cultural media exchange and dialogue. Check out www.youthlab.net