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I want to collaborate on internations internet projects and meet others with similar goals. I want to develop a cross cultural special education site.

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  • My Name is Angule Gabriel.

    I teach High School mathematics and physics at Chavakali High School in Vihiga County of Kenya. I am the country Representative of iEARN and Coordinator of GTP in Kenya.

    This year (2011) I was appointed an ICT in Education champion in Sabatia Constituency and District.   I work in partnership as a trainer of trainers with the ICT in Education team of the ministry of Education as I collaborate with other similar teachers in the other constituencies to design workable modalities effective use of ICT in Kenyan schools.

    My role as an ICT champion is to:

    • Ensure purchase of the right equipment as per minimum specification given by the ICT Integration in Education team
    • Train teachers in the schools on ICT integration skills and resources development
    • Extend the ICT integration in education skills to other schools in and beyond the constituency
    • Innovatively design ICT in education activities for collaboration and partnerships
    • Follow up and make periodical ICT in education reports to the Ministry of Education that will enable an up to date record of E-readiness in our learning institutions
    • Avoid past incidences of e-waste or dumping
    • Outsourcing for ICT resource that enhance quality, open and continued education.


    Working with you will strengthen my capacity to perform my duties which also include coordinating operations of iEARN


  • I have just returned from hospital.I am working in the field of PEACE for last more than two decades. But slow realisation is coming to me that hardly anyone is prepared to adopt PEACE POWER. Almost every one is for VIOLENT POWER not knowing that only PEACE POWER can conquer every thing in life and the world.For this my two books 1)Peace Technology2) Peace TimeCalendar are unwanted. That is why I want to sell the copyright of my two books.The life and world is miserable today because most of us depend on VIOLENT POWER.All these social networkings are virtual as PEACE POWER has not given its due position.
    I think in this life I will not be able to influence the humanity to adopt PEACE POWER as a tool of growth and development.I propose to retire
  • Dear Robert
    would like to greet you and need to be your friend with interest with what we are doing in Eastern of D.R.Congo.

  • Hi, Robert,

    I have a friend interested in exactly this area(special ed/cross-culture/technology). I will give him your contact info and website.
  • I direct a non-profit with a mission to support persons with disability and K-12 education. Special education is at their intersection and of special interest. My organization is the Enabling Support Foundation We am working on two projects which I would like to present to you.

    We are developing a site on comparative Special Education. What are differences throughout the world in how students with physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities are treated? This project has just begun but there is a Cross Cultural center on the ESF website and a forum for its discussion.

    The second project is student oriented. It is an examination of the mythologies, architecture, art and culture of ancient civilizations. It is not so much a project but a series of resources that can be used to create a multitude of projects. You can see these resources at http://teachersconnecting.com/?q=node/755

    We welcome collaboration.
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