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I'm managing director of New School Student Ambassadors, Inc., a community supported non-profit organization that develops and manages educational and cultural exchange programs between private independent and public secondary, community college, and higher ed schools, colleges and universities in the US and students in private and public learning centers in northwest China (Ningxia, western Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, and Xinjiang provinces and regions). This area of China is well known to me. I serve as a visiting lecturer at Ningxia Polytechnic and TV University in Yinchuan, Ningxia, PRC, and I've created a network of joint venture partnerships with private English language learning centers in the region. Northwest China is culturally, economically and politically sensitive with large minority populations (Muslim, Tibetan Buddhist, Mongolian, Uyghurs, etc.) who have yet to feel the full impact and benefits of modernization and globalization, and whose educational and cultural exchange opportunities are limited by virtue of location and distance from the highly developed and prospering regions of eastern China. Through the programs offered by New School Student Ambassadors, Inc., we plan to help US and Chinese students learn more about each other and their cultures, and create educational opportunities that will serve the future interests of both regions.

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Ningxia Dragon Student Ambassadors New School Curriculum Group

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  • Steve,

    I'm trying to locate a class for our high school English writing class. The idea is that student would share information about each other via web pages, pod casts, and video. Our students would learn about another area of the globe and how other students in that area are different and similar to themselves.

    We are a rural community North Conway, New Hampshire, USA. If you are interested please let me know, if not please forward this to someone who may be.

    Thank you,

    PS: we also have several world language classes that are trying to do the same but by focusing on the culture of their countries. student ages are 14-18
  • Steve,

    What type of assistance would you provide schools who want to develop exchanges of students and teachers with China. We currently teach Mandarin in our schools (K-12), and, right now, we have three visiting teachers from China. We'd like to begin exchanges by this summer if possible. Do you have any thoughts? I am interested in the New School Student Ambassadors, Inc.

    I am also on Classroom Web 2.0 as IndyEduktr.
  • Steve
    Very interesting stuff. Im leaving for vacation, but would like to talk sometime soon. Have fun.

  • Hi Steve - Thanks for the invite. You have an interesting Bio with lots of experience in China. Hope we can do some collaboration soon.
  • Thanks for the friend-ly invitation, Steve!
    I'm looking forward to cooperating with you - possibly starting collaboration between our IT classes?
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