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I'm a filmmaker interested in the relationships between education and culture. My most recent film is "Schooling the World."

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  • Carol

    I am in discussions with the President of Somailand University of Technology. If we do end up building Community Learning Centers there is will derail there very process of colonial education you point in your film. Please email me at rclose@richardclose.info and I will keep you posted.

    You may also want to look at this video on the methods we use in Brooklyn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6kwMU54HgM

    Stay encouraged

    Richard C Close

    Our UNESCO community: http://i-am-the-story.ning.com

    WHite paper on democracy and Internet educaion

  • Thanks, Carol!   Although I have retired, I am a consultant for Primary Source, a non-profit institute that teaches teachers deeply about global education and provides opportunities for teachers to travel to the places they study about.  Primary Source is a partner of this conference.    I also write integrated literacy/social studies/technology curriculums for elementary school systems with a global focus.  I have personally visited all of the places I taught about - Hopiland, Ghana, Japan, China and India.   If you have a chance, listen to my "recorded" session about an Indian Civics project I would do with students if I still taught.  It's called "Civics in an Elementary Classroom."  So much global curriculum is geared for older students.  I push for global education in the elementary classrooms. My hope is that other teachers who are still teaching will learn to become global and become caring global citizens themselves.

    I will download what you send me and share it with Primary Source.  I will hear you on-line later.  Kudos to you, Carol, for your stunning documentary!  I am trying to share it with all of my "friends."
    Marcy Prager

  • Carol,

           I just watched your movie, "Schooling the World."  This is one of the most powerful movies I have seen in a long time!  The use of quotations, primary sources, people you interviewed, music...helped to show the world how one shoe does not fit all.  The beauty of cultures must not be destroyed.  I taught for over 33 years to help students revere other cultures and their traditions.  This movie is a MUST SEE by every teacher in the world, by the administrators who oversee our schools, and by the heads of governments who push "one kind" of education for all.  Thank you, Carol.  Your next film should show us a model of what can work to preserve culture.

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