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I want to continue to grow as a global educator of global citizens and hope to learn from fellow members of the collaborative!

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  • Please join us

    Grades 6-12 Time Project Nov. 26-30, 2012 Bringing Social Justice To The World

  • Hello George, I coordinate ICT integration, so I will check with the year 2 teachers. Sue

  • Hi George,

    Would love to partake.Will get back to you soon as I'm interviewing students for next year for the next few days.



  • Hey sounds great. Please let me know what you have in mind and how you would like to get started.


  • Hi. I received your message about a collaborative project with year 2 students in Australia. I have emailed the relevant staff at our school to ask if they are interested. I will reply to your request soon. Sue
  • Thanks but I just do relief teaching in Bendigo to Primary Schools..most are not using skype in schools here. I will talk to a couple of schools that I do relief at. We only have OCT NOV and part of DEC left before 6 weeks holidays..
  • Hi George

    My email address is bernadine.maloney@hillcrest.vic.edu.au and my Yr 2 children and I would be happy to email your class this term-we finish the year on the 9th December so we will need to start soon. We look forward to an email.




  • My summer has not yet begun!  Thanks for the invite, though!
  • Der George,

    I remember your name. I also took the Dr.Merryfield's online class. You worked very actively at the class. I copied some of your lesson plans, too.


    Do you remember me to post North Korean people's pictures?


    Hope to learn more from you.




  • Hi George. Tell the group about some of the exciting things you and your colleagues are up to.   All the best,  Merry


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