Columbus, OH

I am a:

college or university professor

Languages spoken:

Krio, Mende, Hausa, some French



Location (City or Town):

Ohio, USA

Short bio or reason for joining Actionable Innovations Global:

Taught social studies and Latin in Atlanta in the 70s -Served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Segbwema, Sierra Leone 77-79 -Have carried out research in Liberia, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi and worked in curriculum development in Botswana in the 80s. -Doctorate from Indiana University where I served as the outreach coordinator for the African Studies Program -Been at Ohio State since 1988 with visiting professorships in Indonesia in 1997 and Hong Kong in 2005.

Global education projects or initiatives in which you are involved (if applicable):

I run world727 , a listserv for educators interested in global ed. I teach online courses in global education, global issues, world cultures and African Studies. I publish both conceptual work and research in global ed and global teacher ed.

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  • Merry: an embarrassingly long response time. I must confess that I never had time to check this site. As I think you know from the 727 listserv, I have retired from Chadwick, but still "working" with Round Square to help them develop online academic collaboration among RS teachers.

    Hope your are enjoying Sanibel. My son and his family live in St. Petersburg. Next time we head that way, maybe we can have lunch on the Island.



  • Hi Merry:

    I have really enjoyed reading the blogs, although I have not contributed to the conversation yet! I also enjoy looking at some of the resources available and have shared some with my student-teachers.



  • I like the blog section and the events page. It seems like a great way to learn about what is going on in the field of global education. I would like to attend the webinar about e-pals on May 4th. 



  • Dear Dr. Merryfield,

    I was quite busy so I am replying just now. Now I am aware of what
    is going on in this network. I feel adjusted more. There are diverse groups and
    discussion panels. I liked. I joined a group but it doesn’t seem to work so
    actively. It is a group for fostering exchange trips.

    I found some familiar names that took your class with me.

    I would like to learn more through this network.

    Thanks for inviting me to join.




  • Hi Dr. Merryfield, 

    For me the most useful portion of the site thus far has been the GlobalEd Collaborative News "paper" (http://paper.li/elemenous/global-education) that is a "daily online paper" from the founder's twitter list. It is an easy place for me to digest what is happening w/in the GlobalEd collaborative network space in an easy/user friendly way. I also really like the events and will be continuing to check them out.

  • Hi Dr. Merryfield,

     Just this past week I followed the link to the Foreign Policy story (since I let my subscription run out) about Greg Mortenson's misleading work in Afghanistan after watching the 60 Minutes story last Sunday. Such a disappointment. I plan to attend the Global Read on The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind since I have read the book and saw a few interviews with him, so I am interested to see how teachers are using the book.

    Now that I have done the Elluminate session I can watch the videos posted for the Conference too and I am interested in the session done last year on the Earth Charter.

    I think if more people took your course Youtube would see a slow down in viewers because people would be doing more purposeful things on-line than watching dogs eat bubbles (although I know you will agree that cute kittens are worth watching).


  • It seems to be the best place to find out about events related to Global Ed.  so far, I haven't had any luck getting a discussion going, however. . . perhaps I need to try a new group!
  • I am a journalist by profession, hold a bachelors in Mass Communication from Makerere University. Worked as a reporter and editor in print and electronic media. Currently I work with Nhill Films, where am the co-founder. We have produced documentaries from refuge camps and on climate change among others. I also spend a lot of time doing research, especially on societal issues. Have been trying to figure out whether the education we undergo is in touch with the world we face.
    Am interested in new environments. I would enjoy an opportunity to work in different countries, and compare the cultures and working ways.
  • Ugandan school children are starting to learn more about the global world, through use of tools like the media (cable, digital and satellite stations), exchange programs, and other in-house means.
    However limited resources like shortage of textbooks, limited access to computer and internet, high pupil-teacher ratio are a stumbling block. Also their is a big difference between the urban based schools and their rural counterparts. With some rural schools having lessons under trees and shades as classrooms.
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