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I teach Japanese and Video Production part-time, and spend most of the rest of my waking moments on my little save-the-world effort, Next Vista for Learning. I also love juggling and spending time with my wonderful wife, Tabitha.

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  • Hi there,
    This year I am not actually in a classroom (maternity leave) but I am working with teachers part-time to introduce them to technology in the classroom so I'm pretty sure I could find you a class of students who would be willing to make the videos! Or maybe a few students from different classes, would the be ok? What are the details? (length of vid, for who etc?)
  • I originally came by to see what my friend, Lucy had put together over here. I quickly became fascinated with the idea of global collaboration. I work in a small independent school which has an outdoor/adventure ed based curriculum. We have begun taking a serious look at Sustainability and how to weave it into our curriculum and day-to-day life at school. I'd love to talk to any others who are doing similar work. I teach K.
  • Hi Suzie,

    Cool stuff! If you'd be interested, we could talk about how to create a simple video (slideshow, perhaps) with your kids narrating explaining what they've learned about inuksuks. I'd simply be curious about the pronuciation!

  • Hi Rushton,
    I did not have a particular project in mind when I joined the group, but I have been looking for motivation to use more technology in my classroom.

    Our class has been involved in a project "making connections with the earth. A study of rocks, sand and soil" for several months now. We have discovered inuksuks (artic rock sculptures) and have been pretty excited about building and learning about them. I was excited to learn that Maria's K class will be learning about inuksuks,too. Hopefully we can collaborate on some sort of project between the two of us.

    But other than that I am just excited to see what is going on out there and perhaps find a way to collaborate and enhance my technology skills.

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